Best Trendy Hair Colours 2022 Around The World 

Deciding on a new hair color during a year like ours could go two ways.

As professional hairstylists, we inspire to create the following significant hair color trends for our clients.

2020 has made it difficult for some clients to visit the hair salon.

Now we see many botched home hair color applications due to lockdowns.

People want normalcy right now, which means looking good and feeling good.

We have seen a move in fashion styles and hairstyles by people worldwide taking extreme measures.

Ladies are going from long hair to pixie styles to men growing their hair out to mullets.

2020 is the year for change, and we love seeing all the new hair color trends that colorists are creating for their clients.

We have searched out what we think are some of the best trendy hair colours and want to share them with you in hopes you will be as inspired as we are.


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Balayage Color Motion Effect 

With this hair color method of staggering dark and light colors, you can add more volume to your head.

This effect is similar to ombre, but the background is muted and much more elegant.

The technique is a variable of interpretation and will work with cool or warm tones.

vik_iam in Ho Chi Min Vietnam made a beautiful application, and his work deserves to be showcased for all to enjoy.

Balayage is still highly relevant in the year to come. Pushing the freehand technique by adding darker tones offers a more 3d effect in the hair.

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Hot Hungarian Red Head

Red hair is beautiful, and this year has not been seen enough.

We have seen way more ash and silver tones lately, but I feel I couldn’t pass this one by.

nikoletta_szentkiraly really did a nice job creating a dark to light blend using red tones.

I love that she went with warmer red tones to play off natural progression from summer.

This is a perfect color to move into the fall season, yet still utilizing a highlighting technique.

Gorgeous ICE Blonde

 Dennis from Salon 31 in Berlin did a beautiful iced blonde using Wella hair color.

We see a lot of blonde hair highlights, but this icy blonde stands out.

The mix of muted golden up against the white gives it a whimsical snow princess feel.

A bright blonde like this one isn’t a low maintenance option, but if you are a person who loves to turn heads, it might be the right hair color for you.

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Chocolate Caramel Swirl

The richness of this chocolate caramel by live_love_dohair tells me she has a good eye for perfection.

Keeping the concept less is more and focused on bringing out the natural hair tones.

The gloss and sheen of the hair really create a beautiful, healthy-looking chocolate brunette.

Sun Kissed Chocolat Brown

Less is more when working with a dark hair pallet; add face-framing golden highlights like this one.

Brown doesn’t have to be boring; it doesn’t matter if you have light brown to black hair work with your natural skin tone.

Hair coloring is progressing, and not everyone can pull off super blonde hair.

Share some brunette hair color ideas with your clients during a haircut session and suggest adding some bronde highlights to create movement in their haircut.

Pumpkin Spice Shade Season

Every holiday season, pumpkin spice big comes a pretty big deal, especially with our coffee, pastries, and even the candles we burn.

Watch for more warm pumpkin spice shades to immerge. Golden red tone is making a big come back, especially with our natural dirty blonde clients.

Women will embrace winter hair color soon as they start to pull out their clothing this year.

Now is your opportunity as a hairstylist to get out in front of the trend.

Companies like RedkenPaul Mitchell, and Wella have beautiful shades of red for this season.

Ember Glow Hair Color

Dark hair will play a big part in hair color trends this coming year.

If you prefer to play on the edge with your color but needs to be noticed, try the burnt orange shades.

Start by highlighting the hair either with foil highlighting or balayage highlights.

Most every hair color brand will have a red/orange demi-permanent shade to glaze the hair.

Spice up your client’s natural hair color with a beautiful ember glow red.

Natural Gold Glow Look

If you have gotten this far and are still paying attention to the warm hair colors, we show fantastic!

You won’t see any pastel pink hair, blue-black, or platinum blonde hair colors here today.

No other hair trends will look more like golden blonde hair, warm brunette hair, and dark red.

At Hair Salon Pro, we enormously are excited about the popular caramel golden blonde hairstyles.

Honey blonde balayage on someone with medium length natural light brown roots, yes, please.

Honey Blonde Goldie Locks

For clients with darker skin tones, we are seeing the ombre hair trending again.

Working with a dark brown root and transitioning to the golden honey from midshaft to ends.

A rich, elegant fall hair color idea that works well with the mid-length bob hair cuts.

Apricot Swirl New Ombre Hair

You may be saying to yourself we have seen ombre not long ago are we really coming back to it?

@jeremyroca did a fantastic job on this one.

It happens to be one of the hair colors that stood out to us and wanted to share as I think it is relevant this season.

Your clients may not come along so easily on this one. 

If not done right you could end up with a brassy root effect.

We love the texture of swirly apricot blonde.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Trendy Hair Color  

After going deep on Pinterest and Instagram, the hair color inspiration we provided in this article is our opinions.

In our salons, we use look books and inspiration boards to influence our clients.

A way to show our clients we are up to date on current trends.

Every quarter we look at fashion as we are seeing it on the now internet. 

A few years ago, we looked at the street fashion in cities like New York, Los Angeles, London, and Italy.

As the internet grows, we will continue to see hairstyles and hair color change much faster.

It’s up to us as professional hairstylists to stay ahead of the trends.

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