Are Shag Haircuts For Curly Hair In Style?

Shag Haircuts For Curly Hair are trending in the hair salons around the country right now.

With everything going on in the country, low maintenance is essential to everyday life.

More and more people are working from home, and clients are not blow-drying their hair nearly as often.

No matter if your hair has a soft subtle wave or kinky curl, shag is a great option for curly hair.

The key is working with a good curl defining cream like AMIKA Curl Corps Defining Cream.

Having the right product for curly or wavy hair will allow for a softer, more manageable outcome.

The freedom and versatility of a shag haircut will allow clients to embrace those work from home days.

When ready to smooth things out a bit, the option to do a professional blow out is there.


Shaggy Tousled haircut curly hair

Is A Shag Good For Thin Fine Curly Hair?

As hairstylists, we see our share of clients with fine thin hair.

The shag is a great haircut for these clients as it adds volume and movement to limp fine hair.

For customers with curl adding shorter internal layering with a framing fringe will shape the face and add lift.

For a softer, more edgy look, try cutting with a straight razor blade.

Long Hair Rock N Roll Shag Haircuts For Curly Hair

Nothing says rock n roll like. a curly shaggy haircut.

With curls being moisture-deprived naturally, it’s best to only shampoo your hair few times weekly.

The shag was worn by rockstars like Mick Jagger, Rod Stuart, and Chrissie Hynde in the ’60s & ’70s.

The longer the length, and shorter the interior layering the more dramatic of a look you will achieve.

Add a center part curtain bang and you’re ready to kick some ass on stage.

Curly shag rockn roll hair cut

What Face Shape Works Best With Shag Haircuts For Curly Hair?

Curly or straight, the shag works on almost all face shapes.

Every client that sits in the hair salon chair will be unique in their own way.

Shags come in various shapes and forms; it is all about interpretation.

The main feature is secure internal layering; all the rest is personalization around the face.

Someone with a short narrow forehead may not look great with a short fringe.

Instead, try longers layers from cheekbones to chin length.

Don’t ever put someone in a box when trying to work with a client’s face shape.

Make sure to take the time and consult with your clients and listen to their needs.


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short modern shag haircut for curly hair

Short Modern Shag Haircuts For Curly Hair

No one ever said the shag had to belong hair only.

Take a modern approach to cut shorter curly hair by leaving the perimeter soft and shattered.

Cut round layers through the back of the head and over direct the sides back away from the face.

Add a micro fringe for a more dramatic, stylish, trendy hairstyle in 2020.

Medium Length Curly Shag

A medium length shag works well for curly hair of a lot of people as it gives the option of more versatility.

No matter loose waves, or tight curls it is a flexible hairstyle for men and women.

With perms making a big comeback this year someone with medium length shag makes for a good candidate.



Long Length Shag Haircut

Long Length Shag Haircut

The most recognizable shag hairstyle would have to be the long length shag haircut.

Influenced by the seventies culture, the shag cut was worn by music icons and celebrities worldwide.

Although a bit more extreme, someone who loves to push the edge of fashion will love the shaggy layered haircut.

Should curly hair be layered?

Adding layers to curly hair is an excellent option for creating more movement, removing weight, and adding shape.

You can expect less curly in the interior crown area by not layering the hair, creating a triangular shape. 

Usually, people with super curly hair will avoid layers not to get too big of hair. 

Layers are removal of weight and can intensify the curls.

nice cream cleansing conditioner
Nice Cream Cleansing Conditioner
curl corps enhancing gel
Curl Corps Enhancing Gel
amika curl-corps-defining-cream
Curl Cores Defining Cream

What is the best haircut for naturally curly hair?

If you are someone with naturally curly hair, you probably love it or hate it. 

To define the best haircut for naturally curly hair is difficult, but a couple stands out.

The curly shag haircut works well because it has short internal choppy layers and can be worn short to long.

It’s a great low maintenance hairstyle for wavy hair and the person who wants the versatility of blowing the hair straight.

Curly bob haircuts  data-preserver-spaces=”true”>have been a classic option with people with tighter curls. A bob haircut is all about shape, and having medium to thick hair works well.

Whether you choose a classic bob, layered bob, or graduated bob, you will most likely love the outcome.

Professional Curly Hair Products for Natural Hair

The lack of moisture in curly hair can cause problems and be frustrating.

It’s essential to use professional haircare products from a company that understands curly hair.

Amika has designed a specific line of products, especially for curly textured hair types.

Hydrate, mold, and define curly hair with this incredible collection of products from Amika.

Get Shaggy With Your Hair Salon Clients In 2020

We all need to be inspired right now with al that has taken place in 2020 so far.

Let’s do what we do best as hairdressers.

Let’s get creative and start talking up the shag hair cut to our clients.

Put in the work and inspire your hair salon clients to make a change with their hair.

Your customers are ready, I promise…

It’s been a while since we have seen such a trend become so popular.

Create the buzz in the hair salon that this year is all about Shag haircuts for curly hair.

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