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What Scissors Do Professional Hairdressers Use?

As professional hairstylists, we love our tools. I know I do; I have invested thousands of dollars in hair salon tools over the years.

When it comes to haircutting, it is essential to have the right pair of shears. As hair stylist beginning or advanced, a sharp comfortable shear makes the job of working with our client’s much easier.

Shears come in all sizes and shapes; some come in convex edge blades, Japanese steel, and even swivel shears.

Professional hair shears these days tend to be primarily focused on wet cutting or dry cutting. With the Diamond DS-1, the design is an excellent balance of both methods.

Some stylists will have multiple pairs of scissors in their tool belt these days. The DS-1 is a stable all-around shear for precision cutting and slide cutting along with other personalizing techniques.

The high-quality Japanese steel is lightweight, strong, and designed to last for years of use in the hair salon.

Comfortable Hand Crafted Hair Cutting Shears

Hair Cutting Scissors can be expensive if you are buying them for the brand name alone.

Most companies will rebrand their products under different terms to flood the market.

Not Diamond shears are precision handcrafted design without all unnecessary fluff.

Hairdressers worldwide, from beginner to advanced, rely on our DS-1 shears to deliver a high-quality professional haircutting experience.

Most of the big-name brands inflate their scissor prices by five times the cost of manufacturing. Diamond professional shears believe hairdressers need top quality tools to do the job.

Affordable hairdressing scissors that a new student graduating from school can afford and rely on for years ahead.

Maybe you are an advanced hairstylist with years of experience looking to add a high-quality shear to their tool belt.

The VG 10 steel is strong and dense, making it perfect, sharpening the shear, and staying sharp longer.

It will go us against the thickest coarse hair out there.

If you are a professional stylist looking for the best hair cutting scissors recommended by hairdressers at an affordable price, order the Diamond DS-1 shears.

You won’t regret it!

What Is The Best Metal For Hair Cutting Shears?

Several excellent metals are being used for hair cutting shears. 

The standard metal in Japanese shears is 440C. Most Japanese shears in the $230 to $400 range (approximately) are made of 440C. 

In metal rankings for shears, 440C is where the good stuff starts. 

Above 440C are the Vanadium metals that range from the lowest V-1 to the highest, VG-10 (V-10 Gold). 

Hitachi’s ATS-314 is sometimes ranked above VG-10, and the new “powder metal” or “nanopowder metal” is ranked even higher. 

My experience with it does not rank it anywhere because I’ve seen multiple elite brand shears with nasty nicks in them. 

It may be ranked highest because of its supposed “staying power” (not needing to be sharpened as often), but if it keeps getting nicked so quickly, that staying power is meaningless. 

That may be my personal experience with several of those shears all abused, but I saw three in one salon the other day that was a mess, and the one VG-10 shear that I serviced in that salon didn’t even need a full sharpening. 

I blasted the edge with a high-speed poly pad and then stropped the inside and handed it back to the stylist — and didn’t charge her.  

A quick note: Hattori Hanzo’s Pai Mei, Chinese shears that cost $2873, are most likely made of powder metal. 

I get emails all the time from the factory that makes them, and their most expensive shears by far are made of powder metal, so I’m assuming that is what HH’s most expensive shears are made from. 

If anyone is crazy enough to be thinking about buying one of those, my recommendation would be to buy a $400 VG-10 shear and spend the leftover $2473 on your mortgage, car payment, and food.

Diamond DS-1 Professional Hair Cutting Shears

Made of VG-10.

VG-10 is a dense, strong, Japanese stainless steel. It contains 1% Carbon, 15% Chromium, 1% Molybdenum, 0.2% Vanadium, and 1.5% Cobalt. VG-10 is superb in getting sharp and staying sharp, and it’s known for corrosion resistance and toughness.

In haircutting shears, its tandem qualities of malleability and hardness give the shears a longer life by being more adjustable for the sharpener as the shear ages.

The thumb hole of the Diamond DS-1 is tilted and contoured for a more ergonomic fit. The weight and steel content of the DS-1 make it ideal for wet cutting and dry cutting.

Each Diamond DS-1 comes with a case that can hold two shears.

Three sizes: 5″, 5.5″, and 6″

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Professional Hair Cutting Shears

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Professional Hair Cutting Shears

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Professional Hair Cutting Shears

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