Men’s Short Hairstyles 2020 Natural Progression

In the past few years, gents have opted for the buzz cut or better know as the crew cut.

In the last few months of Covid-19 getting a haircut as well as impossible.

It’s funny how certain life events can trigger fashion and culture.

I’m a true believer in natural progression when it comes to men’s hair and fashion.

When working with my hair salon clients I draw inspiration from their lifestyle.

What is their profession, hobbies, and also the texture and density of the hair?

How have they wore their hair in the past and what was it they liked and didn’t like?

How Can You The Professional Hairstylist Inspire Your Clients

It’s ultimately up to you the professional hairstylist to set the style direction for your gentlemen clients.

They come to you for your advice and to keep them up to date on hair trends

Speak to your clients before each haircut service about what you are seeing in men’s haircut fashion.

For instance, right now I’m inspired by a clean modern combover for short haircuts for men.

It represents a natural progression from the extra short fade style we have seen in the past years.

Let’s look at some fashion-forward inspired low maintenance men’s haircuts.

Mens Short Haircuts 2020 10
Mens Short Haircuts 2020 09
Mens Short Haircuts 2020 08
Mens Short Haircuts 2020 07
Mens Short Haircuts 2020 06
Mens Short Haircuts 2020 05
Mens Short Haircuts 2020 04
Mens Short Haircuts 2020 03
Mens Short Haircuts 2020 02
Mens Short Haircuts 2020 01


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A Much Different Approach To Men’s Haircutting In 2020

When most of us think about how to approach a man’s haircut we immediately think of using a clipper high and tight. The best men’s short haircuts 2020 take a bit of a different way of cutting the hair.

Traditional cosmetology and barbering schools teach clipper cutting as the foundation of cutting a man’s short haircut. This is the American way of cutting hair today.

Schools like Paul Mitchell have taught this method for years. English UK hairdressing schools like Vidal Sassoon teach a method of scissor over comb.

Although both methods of cutting a man’s short haircut are valid with today’s men’s short hairstyles we will be setting the clippers aside.

Scissor Over Comb VS Clipper Cutting

As I spoke before scissors over comb and clipper cutting are both appropriate ways we can cut men’s hair.

So what are the main differences and outcomes you will get when choosing one method over the other?

  • Clipper Cutting requires the use of specific guard attachments that determine the length of the hair when cut. You are able to blend and fade the hair using the different size attachment guards. Using guards with clippers gives a very clean structured short haircut.
  • Scissor Over Comb is a much different method of cutting men’s hair. A visual freestyle way of blending and cutting using nothing more than a scissor, comb, and your eyes. A much softer blended outcome to cutting hair short sides.

Best Way To Cut A Man’s Short Haircut 

So to expand on the difference between each way of approaching a man’s haircut when might you choose one way over the other?

If a client wants a traditional fade where a more structured hairline is desired you may want to use a tool like the Babyliss Pro Cordless Clipper.

But let’s say your client wants a textured crop but with more of a lived-in look.

Try using the scissor over comb method of cutting the hair. You can utilize the tips of the scissor to emphasize the textured style.

Something I will clarify before I move on and share inspiration for men’s short haircuts.

When using the scissor over comb method you are still able to fade hair on a very short level using a YS Park #234ex Extra Fine comb.

The main difference when choosing scissors over comb and clippers is the grow out.

A scissor haircut will always grow out more naturally and you can usually extend a men’s haircut by 2 extra weeks.

Typically you can charge a bit more for a customized scissor over comb haircut.

The Best Hairstyles For Men 2020

Mens Short Haircuts 2020_01

Short Comb Over Men’s Haircut With Strong Side Part

Starting off with one of the shortest influenced haircuts is a very structured faded comb over with a defined side parting.

A classic approach to old school barbering with a modern feel.

The most obvious choice for your men clients who still want a clean short haircut in 2020.

Medium To Long Classic Men’s Combover Haircut

Inspired from the ’50s madmen error this medium to long classic men’s graduation haircut is suitable for someone with thicker dense hair.

Easy to maintain and the grow-out it’s perfect for the clients who don’t visit the hair salon often.

A perfect combination of the pompadour and comb-over style. Go from hipster to retro in minutes.

Mens Short Haircuts 2020_02
Mens Short Haircuts 2020_03

The Long Modern Come Over Men’s Haircut

For those clients who like to stay a bit more on the edge and trend direct them to this longer comb-over style.

Extremely tailored for the gentlemen who enjoy rugged weekends outdoors and the occasional cocktail party.

Classic sophistication at its best for hair in 2020.

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Short Wavy Low Maintenance Men’s Haircut with Side Parting

Guys right now are opting out of the buzz cut and moving in a more lived-in comb-over shape.

Still relatively short but having some length on top with wave allows for a bit more options.

Add highlights for the SOCAL surfer look.

Mens Short Haircuts 2020_04
Mens Short Haircuts 2020_04

Men’s Short Disconnected Haircut

The natural way to grow out a gents hair is by maintaining the back and sides while growing out the top.

One of the most influential men’s short haircuts in 2020 is the disconnected comb-over.

Keep short sides and back and wear the side part just above the round of the head. Length on top is the clients’ preference. 

Short Men’s Undercut For 2020

Moving from the disconnection straight into an undercut is a natural progression.

Keep hair more unique by not clipping down to the skin.

Slicked back or combed over this is a versatile haircut for most any man of style.

Mens Short Haircuts 2020_06
Mens Short Haircuts 2020_07

Wedge Haircut For Men’s Curly Hair

You may have started noticing this trend with young men adding curls to their grown out top.

Dudes are perming their hair yeah I know so 80’s.

Check out Tik Tok and you are more than likely shocked by the new trend of curly hair on top and buzz cut underneath.

80’s Skater Short Cut

The ’80s are strong right now and so are the men’s short hair fashions.

Men want versatility and the ability to wear different looks with short haircuts for men.

Curly hair and straight hair depending on their mood.

This super curly undercut speaks to the new generation of young men’s short haircuts in 2020.


Mens Short Haircuts 2020_08
Mens Short Haircuts 2020_09

Curly Caesar Men’s Short Haircut

If you were too young to remember the Caesar haircut of the 90’s you missed out.

This plays on the iconic textured crop haircut but with the curls and a bit more length.

The Caesar is worn forward unlike the combover we have started to see.

Leave the short sides and back more lengthy and over direct the front for a softer effect.

The fact we are seeing the caesar men’s haircut in 2020 is quite impressive.

Curly Caesar Men’s Short Haircut

If you were too young to remember the Caesar haircut of the 90’s you missed out.

This plays on the iconic textured crop haircut but with the curls and a bit more length.

The Caesar is worn forward unlike the combover we have started to see.

Leave the short sides and back more lengthy and over direct the front for a softer effect.

The fact we are seeing the caesar men’s haircut in 2020 is quite impressive.

Mens Short Haircuts 2020_10

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