Discover Vibrant Hair with Maria Nila Colour Refresh

Key Takeaways:

  • Maria Nila Colour Refresh offers a salon-quality, non-permanent color treatment.
  • Enjoy vibrant hair for 4-10 shampoos with one application.
  • Choose from 17 customizable shades for a unique look.
  • Vegan and environmentally friendly, ensuring a guilt-free beauty routine.

How long does Maria Nila color refresh last?

Maria Nila Color Refresh is designed to provide a temporary but vibrant color boost to your hair, lasting between 4 to 10 shampoos. This duration can vary depending on your hair type, the frequency of washing, and the type of shampoo used. The product is a fantastic option for those looking to enhance their color without the commitment of permanent dye, making it ideal for experimenting with new shades or refreshing faded color between salon visits.

Maria Nila Colour Refresh

Colour Refresh By Maria Nila Review

Maria Nila refresh colour is a professional salon-quality, non-permanent color pigment used as a color intensifier and conditioning masque.

As a hairstylist and colorist, I love that I can offer a color refresher to my clients during a haircut appointment and then send them home with a customized mix designed specifically for their color.

Color refresh leaves the hair feeling soft and manageable while looking vibrant for up to 4-10 shampoos.

It’s affordable to keep your hair color looking and feeling amazing between hair salon visits.

Non-Permanent Colour Pigments 

As hairdressers, we all have clients who complain of color fading between salon visits.

We educated people on the importance of using professional products, not shampooing with hot water, right?

Now, another option is to keep hair color refreshed between hair appointments. 

You can offer your customers an in-salon or take-home retail treatment with Maria Nila’s color refresh.

With 17 inter-mixable colors, you can customize a refresher before they leave the salon.

Add a new service add-on to your hair salon menu.

Offer the treatment to clients with faded color while increasing your service ticket. 


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Paraben Free 100 Vegan Hair Products

Colour refresh would be an excellent recommendation if your clients are looking for organic hair products.

You will not find animal testing or derivatives in Maria Nila hair salon products. 

And completely free of any harmful chemicals.

Finally, an environmentally friendly salon-quality hair care line that is good for your hair.

Your clients will love how Maria Nila’s color refresh makes the hair look healthy, shiny, and excellent.

A proper organic, non-permanent color refresher can be used between salon visits to prevent your hair color from looking faded and washed out.

  • Colour Guard Complex
  • Softening Argan Oil
  • Sulfate and Paraben-free
  • 100% Vegan Ingredients
  • Non – Permanent Colour

How Do You Use Color Refresh?

1. Shampoo hair – Shampoo hair and rinse. This will prepare your hair for the treatment and ensure the pigments can attach to the hair.

2. Towel dry – Squeeze out excess water and gently towel dry your hair.

3. Mix and apply color refresh—Mix your shade or use a plain color refresh. Make sure to apply it throughout the entire hair for an even result, using fingers or a comb. Please consider using gloves.

4. Let it sit for 3- 10 minutes, depending on the desired intensity.

5. Rinse out – Use plenty of water to eliminate excess color.

6. Conditioner – Finish the treatment with a conditioner. This will close the cuticle and ensure the pigments don’t fall off.
How much Colour Refresh you need varies significantly from hair to hair. The amount required will depend on the hair’s length, thickness, and quality.

Does Maria Nila Colour Refresh Cover GREY Hair?

Being a nonpermanent tinting product, it will not cover grey hair.

However, it is excellent for enhancing grey tones while softening and conditioning the hair.

You may see that you will get a blending effect when using more than four applications more often.

Although not designed to cover grey hair entirely, it is not a permanent color.

17 Inter-mixable Color Options Available

You can choose one of the 17 colors below or get creative and mix multiple shades for a unique shade.

When trying to decide what color will work best for your hair, it may be best to consult your salon’s professional stylist.

As a hairstylist, create a custom mix for your clients and send it home as a maintenance plan.

  • Colour Refresh Dusty Pink
  • Colour Refresh Pink Pop
  • Colour Refresh Cool Cream
  • Colour Refresh Vanilla
  • Colour Refresh Sand
  • Colour Refresh Peach
  • Colour Refresh Bright Copper
  • Colour Refresh Autumn Red
  • Colour Refresh Cherry Red
  • Colour Refresh Cacao
  • Colour Refresh Cacao Intense
  • Colour Refresh Black
  • Colour Refresh White Mix
  • Colour Refresh Pearl Silver 
  • Colour Refresh Vivid Violet
  • Colour Refresh Lavender
  • Colour Refresh Bright Red 

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