Local Atlanta Barber Shop Owner Gives Back To Healthcare Workers

In uncertain times where small business owners are in fear of what lies ahead for their future, Jennelle Reinhardt owner of Bonnie & Clyde’s barbershop chooses to give back.

Jennelle is a local Atlanta barber in Buckhead GA.

Where most days she would be working behind the barber chair cutting hair for residents, now she spends her time baking during the day and delivering her sweets to hospitals.

Hospital workers are on the frontline day and night.

Most have not seen their families or even slept in their own beds in weeks.

The influx of patients diagnosed with COVID 19 in Atlanta has escalated quickly the last few days leaving healthcare professionals overworked.

There are a lot of people working behind the scenes to make sure the doctors and nurses are provided for and have what they need during this time.

Some hotels like Embassy Suites are utilizing their empty rooms to allow hospital workers to have a place to sleep and shower between shifts.




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Buckhead GA Barber Touches Her Community

Jennelle is not only one of the hardest working female barbers in Atlanta but in the industry.

When all barbershops and hair salons closed down during COVID-19 she knew she had to help her community.

Jennelle’s clients include Buckhead business owners, hospital workers, and the gentleman that requires only the best can offer when it comes to a haircut and beard trim.


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Giving Back To Healthcare Workers During A Pandemic

No one would have ever expected 2020 to start off with a global pandemic. Every industry has been affected by it and hospitals are no exceptions.

Drs and nurses take an oath to treat their patients and make them feel better. 

When the coronavirus hit Atlanta people flooded into local hospitals creating a lot of pressure on healthcare professionals.

Long hours, lots of questions on the best treatment for patients put stress on everyone working.

Most days workers in hospitals went without lunch or dinner, or even sleep.

As you might imagine they welcomed such treats as cupcakes, baked pies, and homemade bread to grab on the go-between patients.

local atlanta barbershop

The Baker & The Local Atlanta Barber

Jenelle has always enjoyed baking from a young age. Food is happiness especially when it is sweet.

To be able to share her love for baking and to give back to the frontline workers gave her much joy.

It doesn’t take much effort to put a smile on someones face these days. We all could use more happiness in the world right now.

We need more people like Jennelle to step forward and give unselfishly.

As professional hairstylists and barbers, we make people look good and feel go.

It’s just in our nature as professionals to build relationships with our clients. It’s no different from hospital workers.

I promise you, Jennelle touched so many people by her kind acts during such a tough time which is just in her nature as a local Atlanta Barber & now a baker.


barber gives back
bonnie and clyde gives back
bonnie and clyde barber atlanta

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