So You Want To Learn How To Make Your Salon Business Grow?

How to grow your salon business is a question we hear at Hair Salon Pro.

You have the skills and talent to serve your clients but could use more business and salon traffic.

Do you understand how to grow your salon business using marketing?

Maybe you are starting over in a new salon or area, or a recent graduate from cosmetology school and need to learn how to grow your hair salon business.

If you were to ask other hairdressers how to grow your business, you would get various answers like:

  • give out lot’s of business cards
  • ask for referrals from existing clients
  • post on Facebook & Instagram
  • work with Groupon
  • etc etc etc…

I read this every day on Facebook forums as the question is asked often.

I see the same answers over and over, usually, from the groups, I follow.

Now not that the answers are wrong or the information is terrible. Usually, the people giving the advice are established stylists that haven’t had to grow a new business in a while.

As we move into a new decade and more and more people are using the internet, it’s important we embrace and market ourselves where our clients are hanging out online.

Let’s start by saying you are a professional hairstylist, salon owner, or recent graduate from school, and you find this article by searching GOOGLE “how to grow your salon business.”

You would be searching a keyword for a topic that you needed info on right?

Clients do the same thing every day. You have a pain point and need a solution to help you resolve it.


How To Attract Your Ideal Client

Building a client base the traditional way of word of mouth, handing out business cards, and random social media posts of your work can work.

It just takes much longer than what I’m going to share with you.

Social Media To Grow Your Salon Business

Ok, so social media we are all familiar with, right? We use it every day to stay in touch with family and friends.

Did you know that when you post to Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform, you are only reaching 3-4% of your connections?

If you have 3000 followers, only 90 people will ever see your post.

You might say that 90 people are good, but out of the 90 people, only another 2-4% will comment, like, or if you are lucky to share the post.

To be effective at posting on social media, you would need to post a lot every day to get any ROI (return on investment) of your time.

I don’t know about you, but I have too much to do every day than to stay connected to my social accounts.

I have a better way!

How Can I Set Up My Hair Salon For Social Media Success

Ok, ready to learn how to grow your salon business? I would suggest sitting down with a pen and paper and write out an action plan. The first thing you need to know is:


  1. Who is my ideal client: I talk about this in a post I wrote YOUR SALON CLIENT RETENTION & HOW TO SCALE YOUR BUSINESS. You need to define your client’s avatar. Things to ask yourself is are they single or married? kids no kids? location? income? stay home or professional who works? hobbies? This will help define where they spend the most time online whether FB or Instagram.
  2. Where does your ideal client spend the most time online: Let’s use Facebook for example. The first thing I would do is search for local communities, pages, groups for topics that you feel your ideal customer would spend time. Make sure you are searching locally for your salon. I like the mega-churches, magazines, and newspapers. Most cities and small suburbs have Facebook Groups and pages. Join them all and then engage and offer valuable information. But never try and just post a deal or advert this is spammy.
  3. Add value and engage with the locals: Use your creative ability and come up with content that will get attention. I would do small videos of before and after of your clients and post from your website into the communities, you have joined. Video is 80% more effective than a single image. Start blogging and share with the pages you follow. Once you have been contributing you will see people will recognize you and start engaging back with you. Invite people to join your FB page and then the magic starts.
  4. Get people to come over to your page. One of the first things you will notice is as you post in other FB pages and forums people will like your post. You then have the ability to ask them to join your page. Once you have people on your page you then can start to promote yourself and your work. Come up with a first-time visit offer!
  5. Run FB ads and target the pages and groups you follow. So Facebook ads can be really effective when growing your hair salon business. I’m all about low budget marketing and what I’m about to share with you will cost you about $35 a week. Run a page likes ad in the ads manager of Facebook. Under the interest add the pages or groups you follow. This will allow you to market your services to people locally that follow or interact with your pages or groups.
  6. Engage with your page followers and put out content regularly. Facebook and Instagram will only show your post to 3% of your followers when you post. But write a great blog post or create a video and then run an ad to that post. It can be as low as $5 ad or cheaper. The idea is to get in front of as many people as you can locally. Do this on a regular schedule and I promise you great results. Be consistent!

 Become The Authority Hairstylist In Your City

When someone looks for a hairstylist in your city or suburb, you want your salon name to come up everywhere.

Meaning on social media and Google Search.

We talked a bit about social media, but now we want to put all the pieces together.

I have learned a simple strategy for building a hair salon business online.

Once it is set up and put in place, it will work for your business 24 hours a day and will never call out sick ;). This is my golden ticket to how to grow your salon business

To become the authority in your local area, you will need a website, blog, and social media accounts optimized with keywords related to the hair salon industry.

Now you may say to yourself A BLOG?

Who reads a blog?

Here is the truth that blogs are still relevant today more than ever.

Google loves blogs, and you need Google to reach your audience.

Right now, someone is searching online in Google for a Hair Salon in Atlanta or Haircut San Diego, and even Balayage Specialist in (add your city or town).

Writing a blog article says once a month using keywords and a bit of SEO (search engine optimization), you can open the flood gates of new clients to your business.

So here is the system I recommend Once you have a website and blog setup.

Write a post about a topic related to your salon or a new technique you learned.

If you can add a video to the blog post from, try and write at least 600 words and use headers and be sure to have a call to action on the page.

Try a book now or contact us for our promotion of the month whatever.

Then once you have a post, you are happy with share it on your social media page.

Then share it in a group or page you are following or connected with.

People will like the article, and then you can invite them to your page where you can engage and market to them your salon and promotions.

Please keep in mind just posting won’t cut it; you will need to interact with your audience.

Ask questions in the comments of the post to get people engaging back with you.

Facebook loves this, and you will get more eyes on the blog post.

I know this sounds like more work than you could handle, but I promise once everything is set up, the hardest part is the blog post once a month if you can manage once a week even better and will grow you faster.

Ok, so for social you are reaching people who aren’t maybe looking for a new salon at the moment.

Then they run across you or your blog post and realize their hair looks terrible and reaches out to you.

With SEO, people know they have a problem and immediately turn to Google and search for a salon in their area.

Let’s talk more about this and more ways to grow your salon business


How To Grow Your Salon Business With SEO

One of the most effective ways to grow your hair salon business is by using Google or any other search engine.

The more Google knows about you and your business, the more likely it will put you out front to prospective customers.


The first thing you will want to do is set up a Google my business account. 

Doing this is very important for your salon.

It tells Google you are a valid business and have an address, phone number, and will show you in the maps section when people search for a salon in your area.

GMB is also where you will want to send most of your customer reviews along with Facebook.

Both will show up in Google My Business.

Next, you will want to do a bit of SEO research and optimize your website with keywords related to your business and the city you are providing services.

I’m not going to kid you doing SEO isn’t easy and would suggest hiring someone to help you.

If you need help from someone who knows the industry and SEO tactics, please email me at

I will share that once you have your website set up and optimized and your blog for three months using the keywords related to your topic, you will hardly ever do anything else.

Your business will be on autopilot and sending you leads and customers for along time.

Google search grow your hair salon business

You Must Market and Share Content In 2020

As I close this article, I want to share a few more bits with you on how to grow your salon business. I started with you, the hair salon professional in mind.

I have read in many forums over the last couple of years how a lot of you are struggling to get started building a business, or you need more clients in your chair.

I myself are a hairstylist, and when I needed to re-build after a move back to Atlanta, I looked at digital marketing.

The traditional ways of building a book I had tried in the past didn’t work any longer, or they took to long.

I needed money now, and so I put the same systems in place I shared above with you.

You don’t need to be techy or skilled in marketing; you need to do either two things.

  1. Watch and learn how to do digital marketing online and apply it yourself. 
  2. Hire someone to do it for you

Whichever road you are on, it’s essential you start now.

You can keep trying the old ways, or you can adapt to the new online marketing ways.

You may say you have tried doing social media marketing, or your website doesn’t send you customers.

You don’t suggest your clients try and do their hair at home and we don’t recommend you do your marketing.

We leave that to the professional who knows the tricks and strategies it takes to get the job done right and fast.

I work with hairstylists and hair salons looking to grow your salon business.

I know the industry and have worked as a stylist for over 30 years.

I currently have salons I have worked with that have seen more than 50% increase in sales by just doing the system above.

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