With so much uncertainty with COVID19, the hair salon industry, like so many others, is doing everything to make their clients comfortable and feel safe.

Hair salon owners see an influx of hair stylists leaving salon for individual suites.

As businesses are still slowly opening back up around the country hair salons have had to make some significant changes to see clients again.

Every state has its own rules and regulations about the hair salon, nail salon, and barbershops reopening.

Although customers are back calling their favorite salons and hairstylists again, anxieties are running high for everyone.

The bigger multi chair salons see more and more stylists leaving them for salon suites where they can see their clients in a one on one environment.

Salon clients express they feel more comfortable seeing a hairstylist in a suite over visiting a full multi chair salon.

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Why Are Hair Stylist Leaving Salon During COVID19 For Private Suites?

Salon Suites are not a new thing for the beauty industry.

In fact companies like SOLA salon studios, Phenix Salon Suites, have been around for many years now catering to individual estheticians, massage therapists, and hairstylists.

The model for salon suites is set up for privacy, allowing the customer and service provider to be in a separate room away from others.

Who would have ever guessed the relevancy of the demand for this business model 6 months ago?

Suite rental is an ideal setup during a pandemic like COVID 19.


What’s The Big Attraction Of Salon Suites For Stylists?

  • The big appeal aside from privacy is the ability to work for yourself as an entrepreneur.
  • Hairstylists are able to work a schedule they choose.
  • Aside from expenses, they get to keep everything they earn.
  • Stylists can carry and use professional hair salon products they choose for their clients.

Is This The End Of Open Concept Salons?

As we continue to see spikes COVID19 across the country, will clients continue to want to visit open concept salons?

Are we as salon owners able to ensure the safety of employees and customers when they visit?

Most salons are working at half the booking capacity with the new guidelines in place by states.

Daily shifts are being taken between salon staffers so as not to crowd the space of others.

The demand is high for appointments, and the profit returns are lower than usual.

The waiting list is piling up, and there are hair salons who are understaffed.

So back to the question at hand is this the end of open concept salons?

I honestly don’t think so.

We as a salon industry will overcome this time and implement the right systems to ensure we bounce back.

salons are open after covid19

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What Should Salon Owners Do Encourage Stylists To Stay?

As a hair salon owner, the right thing to do is sit down and have a conversation with each staff member in the salon.

Open communication is always key to a lasting relationship.

Hairstylists are communal by nature we thrive on surrounding ourselves with other creatives.

We feed off each other, build relationships in the salon, and are natural communicators.

Start the conversation beforehand so as not to be shocked when your stylists hand you their notice they are leaving to work from home or salon suite.

Impulses kick in when fear sets in and we can make rash decisions.

Fear clouds the mind and sometimes all we need is someone to talk us down.

At this moment the security for any employee is staying put in their current position.

Speak to stylists and include them in coming up with solutions to help keep the salon safe for all.

Right now is possibly the worst time to be making big changes and moving salons.

As a salon owner, I’m confident you can lead your staff through this time of uncertainty.

Some hair stylist leaving salon will most likely still happen and all you can do is wish them the best.

It is never easy seeing hairstylist leave for what they see as greener pastures. 

The salon employees who stay are what’s important and it’s your responsibility to come up with systems and solutions to keep the salon going. 

Turn You Hair Salon Into Salon Suites Temporarily

If you ask the right question, your stylist and salon clients will tell you what you need to hear to ensure their safety.

Have you stayed in open communication with clients during COVID19?

We talk all the time about ways to market your hair salon to new clients.

If you have followed along, you should have the tools to reach out and start a conversation with current salon clients.

Type up an email to your current clients and ask them if they feel safe returning to the salon and what you could do to make them feel comfortable.

Use a tool like Survey Monkey and come up with a questionnaire.

You can post it on social media accounts like your Facebook page.

Add to your website homepages so customers will see it when they arrive online.

Do the same for staff members, create a virtual suggestion box where staff can give suggestions and feedback anonymously.

As a salon owner, you have to be proactive right now by thinking outside the box a bit.

Start with these steps for salon safety. 

  • Rearrange the salon if you have too by adding partitions between stations and shampoo bowls.
  • Make sure hand washing stations are set up and maintained.
  • Put someone in charge as clients arrive and take temperature and offer a face mask with a robe.
  • Setup a payment option on your website with a rebooking option on the same page so clients can pay online.
  • Add retail to your site with salon affiliate links to professional hair salon products. Clients buy straight from brands, and the company pays you a 20-30% commission.
  • Extend salon working hours and shift stylists to specific days and times. I know it’s not ideal, but it will only be temporary.

Everyone has to do their part in working together as a team.

After all, that’s what makes a multi chair salon work and clients coming back.

Don’t panic; you got this!


A Message For Hair Stylist Leaving Salon Or Thinking About Switching Locations

If you are a hair stylist leaving salon to move into a salon suite or maybe doing hair from home, I would rethink your timing.

Right now, clients aren’t ready for more change in what has been happening in the world.

Is Now Really The Best Time For A Salon Move?

I’m not saying to pursue your dream of opening a hair salon if that is what you want.

I’m asking you to think about your timing if you are a hair stylist leaving salon right now.

If you have a salon owner who is making every attempt to make sure you have a safe work environment, and clients in your chair, I would stay put.

It won’t be cheap to start something new, whether going into a salon suite or beginning in a new salon where it will be the same as what you just left.

None of us know what tomorrow looks like, or next week, even next year.

I’m putting my faith in the hair salon industry that we will overcome this time.

Do what you feel in your heart is right for you, but look at all the working parts and the timing.

If you are a hair stylist leaving salon or staying with your current team, I wish you all the best!

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