Hair Salons Reopening In California

Barbershops & Hair Salons Desperate To Reopen

Hair Salon owners across California are frustrated and disgusted by Gov Gavin Newsom for keeping their doors shut for over 5 months.

As the rest of the country is back open for business, taking every safety precaution against COVID-19, California remains shut down.

In July, Gov Gavin Newsom allowed salons and barbershops to reopen servicing clients outdoors.

Working on clients outside could be better and limits services like hair color.

It’s past time that salons move indoors and get back to business.

Hair Salons Reopening In California against Government orders on August 14th.


Professional Salon Owners Say Enough Is Enough

After over five months of being closed due to COVID-19, hairstylists are pushing back, saying no more, and opening their businesses.

Facing hefty fines and permanent closures, some salons are taking the risk and opening their salon doors.

Industry leaders like Robert and Mary Cromeans have organized peaceful protests, hoping that officials would listen and logically decide to reopen hair salons.

No one is listening, and hairstylists need to work to support their families now.

Bills need to be paid, and those who were able to get unemployment say the money helped, but now it’s gone, and we are desperate and need to reopen soon.

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Hairstylists Around The Country Stand Up To Open Back Salons

Professional hairstylists and salon owners nationwide stand up for their right to work.

Why are 49 out of 50 states open, safe, and able to work, and Government officials continue to hold their economy hostage?

Every hairstylist who is licensed in the state of California is required to have 20 hours of disinfection and sanitation.

We are trained to protect our clients from such diseases as COVID-19.

It’s a big slap in the face of every hairstylist in America to keep hair salons closed.

It’s time Gov Gavin Newsom takes us seriously, gives us hairdressers the respect we deserve, and opens the state back up.

Hairstylists In California Plan To Protest On August 17th By Unlocking Their Salon Doors Against Public Health Orders

Celebrity Hairstylist and salon owner Ted Gibson and Jason Backe are leading the fight by opening STARRING their salon in Los Angeles on August 17.

“As an often overlooked industry, we will not be overlooked anymore. We are licensed in sanitation, anatomy, and physiology. We are opening STARRING by Ted Gibson because we will not let ours and other small businesses die,”

Ted and Jason have hired Civil Rights Attorney and Trial Lawyer Mark Geragos to represent them during the reopening of STARRING.

Ted Gibson is a respected celebrity hairstylist and business owner in the salon industry.

The salon is and always has been socially distanced by design, with salon chairs 8.5 feet apart and within their own private and partitioned “cloud.” 

The environment is boutique and exclusive – by appointment only, with no front desk or assistants. 

It is also wholly cashless and without retail products. 

The salon has followed all public health CDC guidelines that the CDC officially endorsed on July 17, yet was forced to close its doors for months due to COVID-19. 

Today, Ted Jason and the PBFC say, “Enough is enough!”

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