Hair Salon Industry Trends

5 Hair Salon Trends That Might Suprise You In 2020


You might be asking yourself how we could know what will be the following significant hair salon industry trends.

We don’t precisely because we don’t have a crystal ball that I know of.

We asked several hairdressers and salon owners what they predicted for hair salon industry trends in 2020, and you might be shocked by what they shared.

Before we can predict what the next new trends will be, we should look at what 2019 gave us. 

So long Hair Salon Industry Trends 2019, Fairwell!

Haircut & Style Trends In 2019

As we move out of 2019, I think it is fair to say that we made some pretty big fashion moves as an industry.

Although, for the most part, hair lengths stayed pretty long, we started introducing more layers and texture back into the mix.

Fringe/bangs played a significant part in 2019 with the curtain bangs trend. The sharp, fashion-forward look hit Instagram full force.

You can still see salon industry influencers posting their progression of curtain fringe today.

Haircolor & Highlighting Trends In 2019

Most might say that the most significant moves we made with hair salon industry trends were with hair color and the methods in which we highlighted hair.

As for hair color tone, I’m happy to say we are slowly finally moving away from the trend of pure pigments that the mermaid trend has given us over the last decade. ?‍

A beautiful new delivery of cool ash hair color tones came on the scene, and if I can make a prediction, I think we will continue to see it with the hair salon industry trends in 2020.

Mushroom brown hair color became a thing and not sure who decided it would be a thing but it took off like nothing we have ever seen.

Highlighting the hair and for those who prefer dimension and movement. We continued to push the limits of hand painting techniques.

Professional salon product companies continue to push the limits of coming up with new tools and lightening products as well as the unique color pigments.

As long as the hair professional keeps progressing with our creativity, the world will follow along with the hair salon industry trends 2020.

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What Are The 5 Hottest Hair Salon Industry Trends In 2020

1. Mullet Haircut Trend For 2020

When we asked hairdressers what haircutting trends they predict for 2020, you might be surprised that the notorious Mullet haircut mentioned several times.

The iconic haircut was popular in the ’80s, and if you didn’t sport the business in the front and party in the back hair, you didn’t live the eighties.

It is no surprise that a new, more modern mullet is naturally progressing from the curtain bang trend.

With so many options and possible length variations, we may see the mullet become the top haircutting trend in 2020.

We would love to hear your opinion on if you think the mullet will show it’s self in 2020. Tell us below in the comments if you think this is a good hair salon industry trend 2020 .


2. Think Perms Hair Salon Pros

Another highly suggested hair salon trend for 2020 is the permanent wave.

A lot of hairstylists think that the perm will be accessible again in the new year.

If you don’t see the trend here, let me shed some light on it for you. It seems like the 80’s all over again. 

The clients visiting the salon are asking for low maintenance, comfortable to wear hair.

Hairstylists around the country are looking to past generations for inspiration, and what they are coming up finding is perms are the solution. 



Who is really to say if perms will make into salons in the coming months, but one thing is for certain precautions should be taken when working on clients with highlighted hair.

If you are thinking about offering your clients the option of a perm in 2020, you might do some research.

Here are some professional brands which offer some excellent options:

  1. MATRIX Opti.Thermic Perm Self-heating exothermic wave for resistant/coarse hair. Giving long-lasting, resilient curls.
  2. REDKEN Creative Curl Perm – Normal/Resistant leaves hair feeling as soft and bouncy as natural curls.
  3. REDKEN Vector Plus Alkaline permanent waves for all hair types featuring a unique Taurine Technology and an extra volumizing formula.
  4. BIOLAGE Acid Wave 7.3 oz. Helps nourish, protect, and respect the hair fiber to create resilient, perfectly-contoured waves with lasting body and a lustrously healthy look.

We haven’t seen the perm trend for some time now. Maybe our predictions may come true for hair salon industry trends 2020 . Time will tell!


3. Straight Dark Brown Hair

More than a few hairstylists suggested that dark pin-straight one length hair would be famous in 2020.

A natural progression for those who want to lose length. Opt for a more luxurious, sophisticated look.

Although not a new trend, it is one that stands the test of time for celebrities like Kylie Jenner.

I like the idea of a mid-length straight dark ash brown hair color with a bit of baby-fine highlights.

It’s a personalized trend that only select people will be able to wear. Watch for this hairstyle trend in 2020.

straight dark brown hair

4. Healthier Hair Color Options For 2020

Clients and hairdressers alike are requesting healthier hair color options, and the professional brands are listening.

Hair salon industry trends are changing more often. Clients want the option to move with them without destroying the condition of their hair.

Companies like Joico’s professional hair color are developing beautifully pigmented shades like Color Intensity.

Its exclusive Quadramine® Complex helps reconstruct each strand for guaranteed healthy-looking hair after every single service.

Olaplex has been the go-to bond builder for the last few years. It is allowing for maximum lightening if the hair with minimum damage.

The downfall of Olaplex is its high cost, which translates to more overhead for salon owners.

It seems like many haircare companies are on the heals of Olaplex to design an alternative. 

Joico Age Defy is an excellent alternative with its pro series bond builder.

5. Short Bowl Cut Trending For 2020

We don’t want to leave out the more adventurist clients who require attention. 

On the streets of New York and London, we have seen more and more crops on women of all ages.

But not only on the ladies but the men are also sporting short bowl cuts.

The Bowl cut is a flexible haircut that can be worn down with a short or long fringe.

Haircut slicked back or with a substantial side part at night for a more formal appearance.

Again the ’80s inspired haircut is trending now, but will it last?

Those haircutters who love precision work will genuinely enjoy this hair salon industry trends 2020.

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