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Hair Salon Industry Bloggers

Hello, there!

Interested in expressing yourself? We need content writers and hair salon industry bloggers

  • Want to become a hair salon industry blogger?
  • Have you ever thought about blogging?
  • Want to earn traffic to your website?

Let’s talk! At this point, you’re wondering what’s in it for you. Besides sharing your love and knowledge for the hair salon industry, it’s an excellent opportunity to put yourself out there as an expert.

Do you currently have a blog of your own? If so, writing guest posts for Hair Salon Pro will help your website and blog grow faster. We have digital marketers working with us who can develop a brand online.

Need a website or blog? That’s OK! We can link to your social accounts and will feature you on ours as well. This is an excellent opportunity to build a backlink to your website, which Google loves.


How It Works

  1. Let’s get started. Would you like us to? Could you write an article on your topic choice between 500-1500 words?
  2. Add any images or videos you think would benefit the article. Please, only pictures or videos you own rights to. We cannot use content just found online.
  3. If you are reviewing a product, please include product links. Download the review template here 
  4. Most of all, have fun! Please fill out the entire form so we can give you credit.


Frequently Asked

Can I post the same article on my blog and Hair Salon Pro Blog?
The short answer is no! Google will see it as a duplicate content post. But we are happy to share any blog post you do on your website on our social media accounts to help drive traffic to your website.
Do you edit the content?
Sometimes we will make slight edits and optimize the writing for SEO. We will add ALT text to images and help with keyword research if we need to. If you need help just ask.
Do I get paid to post?
I’m sorry no this is a trade agreement. we will market the blog post and add your links to the article which will drive traffic back to your website.
Who owns the rights to the article and content.
Hair Salon Pro will hold the right to the content and images. But we have no issue with you sharing the article links and images on your social accounts.


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