Is Hair Salon Branding Important?

Hair Salon Branding is a vital part of your business, but I’m here to share with you why it is NOT where you should be focusing your attention.

Most salon coaches or gurus will tell you that the most important thing you can do is to build a strong salon brand.

Although I don’t disagree, it isn’t where you should focus your time or money when trying to grow your business.

I’m going to explain to you how to start generating new customers for your hair salon business by redirecting your attention from hair salon branding to direct response sales & marketing.

I have built my salon business by focusing on sales and revenue.

The system I use has been around for many years and used by fortune 500 companies of all kinds. It’s called direct response marketing, and it works very well for hair salons, spas, and product companies.

Sales are what keeps the doors open, the staff happy, and future opportunities for growth.

Focus on the sales and the hair salon branding with will follow.

Focus On Sales Rather Than Building A Salon Brand

As hairdressers and hair salon owners, it is in our nature to be a creative artist.

We started in the industry because we wanted to make money and to be creative at the same time.

The other part is that we wanted to make people look good and feel good about themselves.

I have heard hairstylist my whole career say, “I’m not a salesperson. I’m an artist.”

I get it no one wants to sell every day we want to show up to work with a full book and make people beautiful.

What I’m about to share with you may sting for a moment, so don’t hate me.

Get over yourself and start marketing your business for sales and revenue for your hair salon business.

If you want that dream of showing up to work every day with that full book it starts with sales.

The most important thing you can do for yourself and your business is to put everything aside, such as hair salon branding and get customers walking through the door of your salon.



Sell To Customers To Build Your Hair Salon Brand

I want you to understand I’m not suggesting you sell to each customer that is in your chair all the time.

What I am suggesting is that you focus your marketing efforts on direct response marketing to put new clients in your salon chair.

Direct response marketing gets potential new customers to act and react to your advertising offer by giving you their email address, calling the salon, or booking online on your website.

Hopefully, you are setting aside a budget every month on advertising your business.

It is essential to growing your hair salon brand and should not be left out of monthly expenses.

You need new traffic coming in every month, and the best way to generate that traffic is by advertising.

If you’re saying to yourself right now, you can’t afford to advertise I’m here telling you that you can.

Direct Response Facebook Advertising

Before starting any Facebook advertising, you want to make sure you have a Facebook pixel installed on your website to track visitors.

AD ONE – cold traffic

For as little as – a day, you can run a local Facebook ad that builds awareness to your hair salon branding.

This ad campaign is meant to get people to know you exist and all you want to do is give them something for FREE without asking them for anything in return.

Your Freebie could be something as simple as a blog post on your website on how to look ten years younger.

Build a Facebook lead ad that is catchy and speaks to the person who is between the age of 40 – 65 years old.

Lead them to the blog post on your website and be sure to have a direct call to action at the top of the blog post and the end of the blog post.

AD Two – warm traffic

Ok so we are generating some traffic to the salon website, and our Facebook pixel is tracking that traffic.

Now we want to do a retargeting ad to the people who read our blog post.

Why would we want to do this, you might ask?

Simple we made the handshake and introduced our self to a new potential client.

That person had no idea who we are or that we own a fantastic hair salon in their area.

The next ad we want to run is a retargeting ad to turn that cold traffic into warm traffic.

You see, it usually takes more than one interaction with your company before someone will decide to do business with you.

This is where your next Facebook ad comes in.

Create an ad that tells the potential customer more about your hair salon.

However, here is the deal, so listen carefully!

The customer doesn’t want to know about you or your salon brand.

I know how rude right.

When advertising using direct response salon marketing the strategy is to take them on a journey from before they visit your salon to after they visit your salon.



Identify Your Ideal Customers “AFTER”

What is it most people are looking for when choosing a new hair salon? What is their pain points?

Once you understand this, then you can speak directly to the client with a solution you will offer them.

Your Facebook advertising should focus on features and benefits with a strong emphasis on the benefits.

Now with the retargeting ad, what is the call to action?

What is it you want them to do once they see this advertising?

Let’s send them to a landing page with say a video introduction and some testimonials.

We also want to go further with the features and benefits of visiting your hair salon

Lastly and the essential part of this ad is to come up with an offer they can’t resist.

What can you offer that will help them decide to take action today this moment? Without a great offer, you may lose them, and you have come too far not to have them take action.

The Perfect Offer

When coming up with the perfect offer to convert a new client, it’s essential to speak to these five touchpoints.


  1. Right product/service – Do you offer a haircut that will change someone’s life and make all their dreams come true? Maybe you specialize in balayage highlights that are healthier and less damaging than the average salon down the street?
  2. Right price – Everyone one is looking for a good deal right? Now I would do my best to avoid discounting your work. If possible, offer a package deal that is attractive and will get them to take action. Put the original value and amount they will save if they act now!
  3. Right person, – Hopefully, you know who your ideal customer is and where they hang out online. Targeting the right client is vital when setting up your Facebook ads. The more you know about your ideal customer, the better you can target them online.
  4.  Right messaging – What is your 30-second sales pitch? It is essential that you get it right because you will lose the person viewing your offer. Your sales pitch should be short and have a clear message. “You know how most salons don’t listen to what you want? Yeah, we hear that a lot which is why we schedule plenty of time to do a proper consultation every visit. We guarantee your happiness ever salon visit or the service is on us! 
  5. Right moment – The moment is NOW! You have their attention, and now you want to let them know that right now is when they want to take advantage of the great offer you have for them. It will help if you put an urgency to disclaimer. “Act fast this offer won’t last long as we book up fast! alternatively, “We are only offering this to the next 50 new clients, so book in now“.

Hair Salon Branding Is important But Should Not Be A Priority

Can you see how focusing on direct response marketing and sales can do more for your business than just putting all your attention on salon branding?

Both can benefit you, but one drives revenue, and the other would take you the long way around.

It took years and a lot of money to get Starbucks where they are today.

It would take us years to get to be a brand like them.

I will tell you how they got to be the go-to place for premium coffee, and it started with one coffee at a time.

Create a quality service or product and then get as many people through your door as possible in a short amount of time, and you will build your signature brand.

Hair Salon Branding Doesn’t Grow Sales, Sales Grow Salon Brands

The next time someone tells you that salon branding is the most important thing you can do for your business I hope you will remember this article.

You started your business I’m sure to build a future for you and your family.

To build something extraordinary in your community.

A hair salon people will want to talk about and refer their friends and family too.

To get all you hoped you would start by coming up with a plan that will generate more sales for your hair salon business.

Hair salon branding is essential, but until you can get new customers calling you, and visiting your salon, stop spending time and money on it.

Start spending your time and money on marketing and sales and hair salon branding will happen naturally.

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