Roger Woodard – A Goldwell Master Stylist In San Antonio Texas

Today we are celebrating Roger Woodard, a Goldwell master stylist from San Antonio Texas. I found Roger inside the Goldwell stylist forum on facebook where he is a moderator for the group.

Rogers work stood out to me, and I wanted to connect with him and find out more about his work and what Goldwell had to offer as a leading hair color company.

As you will see from his portfolio, the work is vibrant and stands out from a lot of the same super blonde balayage techniques I see every day on Instagram.

At Hair Salon Pro, it is our goal to celebrate hair salon artist that are exceptional at their craft.

Roger Woodard Goldwell Master Stylist Interview

Hi Roger,

I want to thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to share your story with Hair Salon Pro.

I appreciate you and will mindful of your time.

Let me start by sharing with you a bit about Hair Salon Pro and why we exist.

After joining many Facebook communities and listening to the challenges that hair salon owners and independent hairstylist faced every day.

I wanted to create a positive space where I could help bring the industry together.

I have listened very carefully inside the forums, and one of the underlined topics I hear more so than the creative, or technical is how do I grow my business.

How do I bring new customers to find me as a new stylist or new salon?

Our goal at Hair Salon Pro is to give back to the industry by teaching creative hairdressers how to be profitable business owners.
We want to be the leaders in professional hairstylist development & education as we grow this community.

HSP: So, I found you in the Goldwell Master Stylist Forum as a moderator. How did this come about for you?

Roger: I have been apart of the Goldwell Stylist Forum for a few years.

One of the other moderators reached out on the forum for help to keep up with the request and maintain the page.

The forum is growing at a fantastic pace, and I love that it is strictly Goldwell.

There is a lot that can be learned, and so many Inspirational people are apart of our group Including Goldwell educators.

That has definitely come in handy a few times haha.

HSP: How long have you been in the industry as a hairstylist? Please share your history a bit with us?

Roger: I have been in the industry for roughly ten years. I started my career in Phx, AZ, at Empire Beauty School. Starting, I never had a thought about doing hair, but soon after starting school, it quickly became a passion of mine.

After graduating, I started at a salon as an assistant and worked my way up.

After a few years, I made my way to San Antonio Texas and started to make bigger plans for myself after being here five years I went from working at great clips to owning my own salon.

HSP: Why, Goldwell?

Roger: Well, my school was lucky enough to have Goldwell to teach color with.

So I started the industry with the color line but more than anything I’ve learned after using numerous color lines that Goldwell has unparalleled quality.

The silk protein in the color just adds so much moisture and shine.

Goldwell is always advancing to stay one step ahead of the color game.

They also have an app with tons of educational content.

I can say first hand the education at the NYC academy is top of the line, and they are always willing to assist with anything.

The customer service is above and beyond what anyone could imagine.

I really could go on and on about how well they have treated me and my salon.

HSP: What do you believe to be the key to your success as a hairstylist?

Roger: EDUCATION! I can’t say it enough.

I take as many classes as I can every year. You don’t have to marry a brand when taking classes.

I’ve learned from many different branded classes, I mean of course they are going to talk about their product, but it’s the technique that I take from it.

I also take some of the Goldwell classes more than once.

I always take something new back to my salon.

If I didn’t continue my education, I would not be as successful or confident as I am, that’s for sure.

HSP: Who has inspired you throughout the years the most? Do you have a mentor?

Roger: honestly, I get inspired by the work I see on Instagram. No one specific person but many.

I can learn something new from others regardless of the amount of time they have been doing hair.

That’s what I love about this industry.

HSP: When it comes to growing your business, what are some tips you can share with us that have been the most impactful?

Roger: Get yourself out there! Get your business on every social media platform there is.

Make sure you interact and advertise. Facebook, Google, and Instagram are the number 1 spots my clients come from.

It’s very important to add photos of your work a few times a week across all platforms.

Groupon is also another way to get your name out and new clients in the door.

The more active you are, the more new clients will walk in the door.

This is what built my business and continues to bring me new business.

HSP: We both understand the importance of community. I would like to know what you have learned from being a part of such a big Goldwell community online?

Roger: We all are on the same journey to learn and inspire.

To be able to bring the Goldwell community even closer has been an awesome experience.

From seeing global color zoom entry’s from all over the world to see some stunning hair being created behind the chair in small towns.

I have learned so much from this group from color formulas to highlight placement and even haircuts.

Being apart of this community has been eye-opening for sure.

HSP: Whats is next for you and your career?

Roger: What’s next for me is going to Vienna Austria to attend Goldwell global zoom in Sept.

I can’t wait to meet so many inspirational people that I have been following in this group and online for a while now.

After that, keep on doing what I love, and the rest will follow.

HSP: What do you feel Hair Salon Pro could do moving forward that will help benefit hairdressers, hair salon owners, and students around the country?

What do you think is missing?

Roger: Classes & education.

HSP: Where can we learn more about you and your work?


Roger, I want to thank you for taking the time and sharing your story with us. Let us celebrate everyone in this amazing industry and today we celebrate you, my friend!

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