The Classic Bob With A Razor

 Bob Razor Cut Recorded at Asha SalonSpa – Woodfield www.ashasalonspa.com.


Susan Ford

Hair Stylists Reinvent The Classic French Bob Style

Trending right now in hair salons across the country is the classic french bob, and hairstylists love it.

For the past few years, the trend for women has been long hair.

As we move into a new wave of fashion influencers, shorter hair is making a big comeback.

The french bob hairstyle is one of those haircuts that most anyone can wear.

The bob is an iconic haircut that will never really go out of style.

We will continue to try to reinvent the haircut in different lengths, adding graduation and bangs or no bangs.

Specifically, the French bob cut has its own distinct focal points.

Jaw length, with internal choppy layers and strong bangs, makes the haircut recognizable.

Curly Bob With Curtain Bangs

The new French bob is inspired by street fashion.

New York City is the epicenter for some of the top hairstylists and fashion influencers in the world.

Headdress Salon in the east village created a masterpiece curly french bob and took it one step further by adding a trendy curtain bang.

Adding curl or working with the natural wave is a great way to personalize the french bob hairstyle.

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Classic Bob With Shattered Perimeter

Jayne Mathews, an educator and razor cutting specialist, put her spin on the French bob, adding a shattered perimeter.

This flirty bob is an excellent example of how classic haircuts can be customized.

Utilizing the razor when cutting the french bob creates a soft moveable shape.

When we think of french hairdressing, the french bob is top of the list.

Sharpen your skills and step out of your comfort by picking up a razor when cutting the french bob.

french bob haircut

Hair by jayne_edosalon


Hair by Andy Judd

Face Framing Fringe French Bob

A centerpiece for the French bob is the bangs/fringe.

Long bangs, short bangs, curtain bangs, the possibilities are endless.

Andy Judd did a fantastic job working with his models face shape bringing out her natural features.

An arched bang and soft layers make this face-framing French bob extremely flexible.


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Blonde French Bob

Instagram influencers like Mallory Brooke have set the bob trend on fire over the last few months.

The haircut is a versatile shape that looks great on all hair colors and textures of hair.

The blonde bob is striking in its way and works excellent with more delicate textures of hair.

Add a few strokes of balayage highlights or babylights for added dimension and body to the haircut.

french bob-haircut-Amelia-Goldie

Modern Parisian Bob Haircut

Crafting the perfect haircut for someone relies on understanding who your client is.

Personal style is a crucial factor for the French bob, and it works with a lot of different styles.

The mod bob here showcases a shorter blunt bang and baseline with minimal layers.

A considerable variation of how a vintage haircut works well with modern-day fashion.

Amelia Goldie, an Australian fashion influencer, wears the Parisian hairstyle well.

Layered French Bob

Adding short round interior layers to the bob haircut adds more interest to the shape.

Kate Convery gives us a modern salon variation of the hairstyle with razored internal layering.

A short, sophisticated layered bob for the client looking to progress their look for 2020 naturally. 

french bob haircut kate Convery hair

Hair by Kate Convery

The Haircut That Is Taking Over The Internet

French Girl Haircut

The Euro girl bob is taking over Instagram and the rest of the internet.

Social media influencers and hairstylist across the world are showing off their reinvented French bobs.

The days of long one length over-processed hair are in the past.

Women visit the hair salon and ask their stylists to personalize a bob haircut that fits their style.

We have entered a low maintenance time in life with COVOD 19 still running it’s coarse.

Salon clients are transitioning to shorter hair that grows out well yet still looks professional.

It’s time to sharpen up on our short haircutting skills and talk to our clients about new trends for 2020, including the French haircut.

The Sexy, Flirty Power Bob Haircut Influencers Love

In the past, hairstylist and fashionista would lean into magazines and celebrities for their personal style.

Today with social media being the mainstream for news and trends, we have social media influencers setting the landscape.

At this moment in time, hair salons are seeing women and men alike asking for shorter hairstyles.

A classic power bob for women is a great style for all ages and can be customized by a hairstylist to fit the individual client.

Now is a good time as a hairstylist to sharpen up on your short haircut skilled and recommend Bob’s style for your clients.

What is the difference between a stacked bob and an inverted bob?

Stacked bob haircuts are similar to an inverted bob with one exception. The stacked bob or graduated Bob builds weight in the neckline area. A much more accentuated look usually a short version of the A-line Inverted Bob.

A graduated bob with bangs is one of the classic hairstyles that will never go out of style.

The Inverted Bob is a one-length haircut shorter in the back and longer in the front. Both work best on straight hair but can be achieved on curly texture as well.

How do you style a Bob?

The best method of styling a bob is using a Denman brush and professional blow-dryer.

Section the hair in 4 quadrants and starting in the back, blow hair straight down at natural fall.

Continue up the head horizontally with a flat wrap motion.

For more volume, a round brush blow-dry can be used.

Although Bob comes in many variations, try styling it in many ways.


Blunt Bob Haircut With Bangs

One of the most iconic haircuts has to be the blunt one-length bob. True classic beauty always in style.

Uma Therman wore it best in the Pulp Fiction movie.

Bob hairstyles will always be a hair trend to look at as long as models and actresses choose to wear it.

Instagram influencers have reinvented the blunt bob short haircut in 2020.

The haircut works well with intense bold hair colors like red, white, blonde, and black.

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