What Is The Best Cordless Clipper For Cutting Men’s Hair?

Hairstylists and barbers have established that the best cordless clipper 2021 goes to Babyliss Pro Barberology Metalfx Series – clipper.

As professionals, we constantly search for the best tools to help us do our jobs more efficiently.

Like any industry, our tools are essential to our craft.

A well-maintained clipper like the Babyliss pro barber ology metal fx can significantly affect the outcome of your men’s haircuts.

Like most great haircutting tools, quality comes at a price.

The average price tag for the Babyliss Metalfx will set you back $142.99.

You won’t find a better-made hair-cutting clipper for the money.

The Ferrari-designed engine on this clipper is fast, powerful, and super quiet.

Everything you would expect it to be with the name Ferrari.

Think of it as an investment inin your professional stylist or barber career.

With just a few men’s haircuts with this beautiful clipper, you will get a return on your investment.

What Clippers Do Barbers Use?

Barbers take their tools very seriously when it comes down to servicing their clients.

They need a clipper that won’t leave them stranded in the middle of a haircut.

The same goes for a hair trimmer used to define the edges of the hairline and beard.

Barber Shop sees a lot of daily foot traffic, and a single barber can cut anywhere from 15-20 haircuts a day.

As you can imagine, they need a powerful motor with an adjustable blade to keep up with the demand.

There are many choices for professional barbers to choose from, such as Wahl Professional 5-Star clippers.

Andis master cordless clipper, but ask any of them, and they will tell you the Babyliss Pro outweighs them all.

Why A Cordless Clipper?

When buying a new pair of hair cutting clippers, you have two choices. Cord or no cord and today’s barbers are choosing to go cordless.

The benefit of not having a cord is the flexibility of moving around the chair while cutting hair.

No more tripping over or getting tangled in the cord.

They are no more shorting out the cord, unlike traditional clippers.

With today’s technology, cordless clippers are more powerful and faster than ever.

Lithium-Ion batteries allow for longer battery life and charges during the day without losing power.

Best Cordless Clipper 2020

The Ferrari Of Haircutting Tools 

BaByliss Pro and Ferrari teamed up to design one of the most magnificent haircutting tools ever designed.

Both companies represent top quality craftsmanship when it comes to engineering.

Although they are on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to their product lineup. 

Both companies are leaders in their industry.

The BaBylissPRO MetalFX Series – clipper represents everything you would ever want in a professional men’s barbering machine.


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Babyliss Pro Barberology Metalfx Description

The incredible BaBylissPro Silver FX870S proficient clipper includes a brushless Ferrari structured motor, which produces higher torque than a standard rotate engine and is increasingly solid.

Besides, the clipper creates a 5-detent tighten control for speed and exactness.

The FX870S highlights a lithium battery for as long as 2 hours of cordless runtime.

The clippers are structured with an all-metal body/knurled hand weight hold.

The clipper incorporates 8 brush connections running in size from 1.5mm to 19mm.

Substitution Blades are accessible too (#FX801R).

The brush connections come in the accompanying sizes: 1/18″, 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″ and 3/4″

You can choose from 3 different metal finishes.




BaByliss Pro Brand Story

BaBylissPRO is the world’s driving maker of inventive, superior expert styling instruments.

Picked by barbers, hairstylists, and customers all over the world, BabylissPRO haircutting tools are solid and built to last. Rated top haircutting clippers professionals use and recommend.

BaBylissPRO Barberology MetalFX Series

The Winner Goes To BaBylissPro MetalFX

Skyrocket Your Professional Hair Salon Business in 2021

Start by joining the professional hair salon community. Like-minded hairstylists, hair salon owners, and cosmetology students just like you sharing with each other online.


Hairstylist & Barber Approved Professional Clippers

Not all men’s haircutting clippers are created equal.

Although there are some close competition none stand upto the BaByliss Pro MetalFX series.

When you pick up the clippers for the first time you will feel the solid construction of the tool in your hand.

The look and feel are classic to the way haircutting clippers were made early on in years past.

Serious barbers in the industry today recommend the Barberology MetalFX series clipper over such brands as WAHL and OSTER.

More and more men are turning to a traditional hairstylist to design their hair these days.

It’s your job to have the right tools to do the job.

If you are looking for a solid cordless hair clipper I encourage you to take a look at the barberology metal fx series by BaBylissPro.

BaBylissPRO Barberology Trimmer(FX788)

Complete Your Tool Set With The BaBylissPRO Barberology Trimmer

No good clipper set is complete without an adjustable Zero-Gap T-edger trimmer.

Made just as well as it’s big brother the BaBylissPRO Barberology Trimmer offers up the same quality features.

Cut all hair textures with power, speed, and precision.

This cord/cordless trimmer is equipped with a high torque brushless Ferrari-designed engine.

The lithium-ion battery has a 2-hour cordless runtime.

Add this neck trimmer to your collection of men’s haircutting tools.

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