Clients Are Craving Ash Hair Color Tones

As we roll into the 2020 new year, I’m unsure if it is the chilly weather or fall fashions, but clients everywhere are requesting ash hair color tones.

I’m not shocked that we have made it here with ash tones as a primary color trend.

Silver tones and even mushroom brown hair colors have been popular in recent months.

People are going crazy for cooler, icy tones, and hair colorists are coming up with some beautiful, creative ways to give them to them.

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As hairstylists and hair colorists, we hear it all the time from clients who don’t like or want red in their hair.

As we all learned in cosmetology school, ash will often counteract the red.

It’s best to do a thorough consultation with clients before service.

But what about those people who have to follow every new hair color trend that comes along?

Why would someone want silver, green, or muted tones in their hair?

Because it looks fantastic on so many levels, that’s why!

It’s an excellent choice for the fall season with darker outerwear and cooler winter skin tones.

You might find the look flattering if you do a two-dimensional ash brown or add highlights with a platinum silver tone.

Look at some of the inspirations we found on Pinterest.


rosy ash hair color
ash blonde hair color
balayage ash highlights

Dark Ash Brunette

Who doesn’t love a dark ash brunette hair color?

It’s a fresh approach to the colder season.

It works beautifully with dark eye color and those cool lucky people with icy blue eyes.

Add a few strokes of lighter panels underneath to give the hair more movement and definition.

It is a natural progression for your brunette clients.

medium ash brown hair color

Medium Ash Brown Hair Color

A great way to stay neutral between the seasons is by staying in the medium ash brown level.

If you are the type to stay darker in winter and lighter in summer and want to be on trend, this is for you.

Try a dimensional technique by adding 2-3 levels throughout. Maybe a darker root is smudging lighter through to the ends.

Light Ash Blonde Hair Color

They say blondes have more fun, and with this new cooling trend, we believe the fun has just begun.

If you or your clients are looking for change without sacrificing losing their blonde hair.

Try a silver, violet, or natural ash toner for your next salon visit.

Balayage highlights are a great way to create a stunning ash-blonde masterpiece.

Add a shadow root and some layers for movement.

Ash Hair Color

Silver Ash Hair Color For The Fashion Forward Clients

Although we have seen it not so long ago, silver/gray hair is still relevant today with the ash hair color trend.

Some clients can’t do anything normally and require living more on the edge of fashion.

Companies like Kenra Hair Color, Guy Tang’s My Identity Color, and Redken Silver Hair Color give us great options for transforming clients’ hair from mainstream blonde to superhero divas.


silver ash hair color
Ash Hair Color

Are You Ready To Embrace Ash Hair Color For 2020?

Well, trends come and go pretty fast, so if you aren’t crazy about ash hair color ideas, just wait. Another new trend will be around before you know it.

We think it’s the best idea we have come across in the long term.

Regardless of whether we like it, clients are racing to the salon with their Pinterest boards ready to go.

As hairstylists, we set the trends for our clients, and we need to talk about it every day in the salon. You can even wear it if it suits you.

Create a mood board where clients can see it as they sit with you.

Send out marketing emails launching the new exciting hair color with images.

Create a buzz around town that you are the authority in your city for hair color, and this is happening now.

Post your work on your social media accounts and tag your customers so their friends can see how excited you are for this season.

Check out this article if you want more ideas on promoting your work or current trends.

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