Amazon Hair Salon Opens In London 

The tech online retail giant Amazon is opening a salon in London, and you won’t believe why?

The beauty salon industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and Amazon wants in on it. They have tested the waters over the last year by supplying consumers and hairstylists with everything from professional haircare to salon supplies.

Now the new amazon hair salon will allow the online retailer to jump into the hair service arena.

But, as they may be intrigued by offering salon services, they are out to gather more information on you as their clients.

It is said to be the techiest hairstyling salon globally and will change salon retailing.

Each hair station will have an Apple Ipad and will photograph each person and show new hairstyles and hair color options for the clients.

Using augmented reality Amazon can capture more info on you while giving you something of value in return.

You see, for Amazon to figure out who you are as a consumer, they need to fill in some gaps.

Imagine getting your haircut in a salon; by the time you get home, your phone is blowing up with product recommendations based on the data collected in a one-hour hair appointment.

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Why is Amazon Opening Hair Salons…?

Open To Amazon Employees

Before launching the salon to the public, employees of Amazon will get the experience first hand first.

In the coming weeks, employees will be testing out the process of point and learn technology.

Amazon will track each person’s selections and interact with the algorithm giving the consumer recommendations based on their choices.

The 1,500 square foot salon in London will open to the public within months.

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Amazon hair-salon-retail-products

A New Way Of Hair Salon Retailing

With the Amazon salon, no inventory is necessary. The shelves display individual retail products with a QR code, and all the client has to do is scan the code and receive a prescribed regimen based on their hair type.

It all starts when the customer answers a few questions the stylist walks them through in the consultation.

There is never a replacement for a professional hairstylist recommendation, and Amazon realizes this. The system was designed to work alongside hairstylists to ensure the customer experience is complete.

Physical locations are not a new concept from Amazon. The company launched a grocery store on the east coast in Washington DC.

The local consumer can walk into the grocery store, scan the items they want to purchase, and then pay using their Amazon Prime account.

As you can imagine, the process is fast and effective, and as in the salon can help Amazon learn more about you as a consumer using the point and learn the method thoroughly.


Amazon is direct to small businesses as much as it is direct to consumers. The company spans 58 countries and reaches the greatest international online population.

Below are a few hair salon products you can buy on Amazon.

The links below are affiliate links and hair salon pro makes a small percentage if clicked.


Amazon Salon Competition

The Amazon hair salon will soon be a major competitor with the local corner hair salon, but will also compete with the professional haircare wholesalers like Sally’s beauty, and Cosmoprof.

Hair Salon Small Business

Technology is moving fast into many industries, just like the hair business.

Unless you are a multi-chain salon, it can be hard to compete with companies who can purchase supplies in bulk at a discounted rate.

There will always be the small business owner and plenty of room for everyone.

I think salon owners can and will learn from Amazon’s approach to the salon business

It’s been proven that systems work and when implemented, a salon owner can grow a successful business that competes with the big box stores.

Professional Haircare Distributors

For many years companies like Paul Mitchell, Redken, and Matrix would only sell to professional hair salons at a wholesale price.

There was an honor in the salon industry where as long as hairstylists recommended the companies products, they would only sell directly to the salon owner.

That is no longer the case; almost every haircare company sells directly to grocery stores and companies like Amazon.

Amazon is in the position to purchase much product at once and hold in their warehouses. 

The manufacturers can sell to Amazon at a lower cost which trickles down to the salon client.

Some salons have even joined the Amazon Affiliate Program, and when their clients purchase retail through an amazon link, they are given a commission.

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