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The ’90s Classic Blowout Hair Trend Is Back and Better Than Ever

The 90s was an iconic era known for its bold fashion statements, catchy music, and unforgettable pop culture moments.

One hairstyle that defined this decade was the classic blowout.

This voluminous and glamorous look was achieved by blow-drying the hair to create maximum body and bounce, often styled with loose curls or waves for added texture.

Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Cindy Crawford popularized the signature blowout, making it a must-have look for any special occasion or red carpet-event.

Nowadays, the 90s blowout is coming back with modern twists and variations that pay homage to its retro roots.

Whether you want to channel your inner 90s supermodel or add flair to your everyday hairstyle, the blowout is a timeless choice that never goes out of style.

Step back in time and embrace the nostalgia of the 90s with this iconic hair trend.

90s Blowout Trend: Mastering Perfect Style

The 90s were iconic for numerous reasons, among which hairstyles hold a special place in the treasure trove of nostalgia.

Among these styles, the classic blow out has made a remarkable comeback, epitomizing the era’s fashion while integrating seamlessly into today’s trends.

This article explores the resurgence of the 90s blowout trend, detailing essential products, techniques for at-home styling, ways to adapt it to modern trends, and what to expect from professional styling at salons like Drybar.

Why is the 90s blowout trend making a comeback in fashion?

Exploring the nostalgia factor in current style trends

The resurgence of the 90s blowout trend is significantly fueled by the current wave of nostalgia sweeping through fashion.

People are inclined to recreate and relive the golden moments of the past, and bringing back iconic hairstyles like the blowout is a way to do just that.

The voluminous, sleek, and polished look of a 90s blowout captures the era’s essence, providing a touch of retro to contemporary fashion.

The role of social media and platforms like Pinterest in reviving the 90s blowout

Social media has been instrumental in the revival of the 90s blowout trend.

Platforms like Pinterest and TikTok serve as a treasure trove of inspiration, where users explore and share beauty and hairstyle trends from the past.
These platforms have made it easier for everyone to access tutorials, product recommendations, and styling tips, thus crucial in bringing the blowout style back into the limelight.

How celebrities and influencers are embracing and adapting the reinvented blowout

Celebrities and influencers are often the torchbearers of fashion, and their embrace of the classic hairstyle has spurred its popularity.

By showcasing their voluminous, sleek, and bouncy blowouts across events and social media, they inspire their followers to emulate the style.

Their modern adaptations of the blowout often incorporate contemporary fashion elements, thus making the style relevant to today’s audience.

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blowout & style - classic
classic 90s blowout<br />

What products are essential for achieving the perfect 90s blowout style?

Identifying the right hair products for volume, shine, and hold

To achieve the perfect 90s blowout, selecting the right hair products is essential.

Volumizing shampoos, thickening treatments, and shine-enhancing sprays contribute significantly to getting that signature voluminous and glossy finish.

A good quality heat protectant spray is also crucial to shield your hair from the damage caused by blow drying.

The importance of heat protection spray in your blowout routine

A heat protection spray before blow drying is integral to maintaining healthy hair.

It acts as a barrier between the hair and the heat, preventing dryness, frizz, and damage, thus ensuring your hair stays healthy and shiny even after styling.

Round brush vs. paddle brush: Which is better for that signature 90s look?

A round brush is your go-to tool for the signature voluminous look of a 90s blowout.

The round brush helps create that bouncy, sleek look by adding volume and waves to your hair.

While effective for achieving a smooth and straight hairstyle, a paddle brush does not provide the same volume and bounce characteristic of the classic 90s blowout.

How to create the classic 90s blowout look at home?

Step-by-step blowout tutorial for beginners

Creating the classic 90s blowout at home starts with washing your hair with a volumizing shampoo followed by a nourishing conditioner.

After towel-drying, apply a heat protectant spray and section your hair.

Using a blow dryer with a nozzle attachment and a round brush, start blow drying your hair from the roots to the ends, rolling the brush to create volume and waves.

The key is to dry your hair section by section until you achieve a voluminous, smooth, and bouncy look.

Tips for handling curly hair to achieve a smooth and perfect blowout

For those with curly hair, achieving a smooth blowout can be challenging.

The secret lies in thorough detangling and using a smoothing product before you begin blow drying.

Using a round brush, stretch out your curls gently as you dry, focusing on a small section at a time to ensure smoothness and uniformity.

A curling iron may be used at the end for touch-ups, ensuring your blowout embodies the sleek, glossy vibe of the 90s.

Video resources and online tutorials to master the blowout technique

Thankfully, video resources and online tutorials are abundant for those looking to master the blowout technique at home.

Platforms like YouTube and TikTok feature countless hairstylists and beauty influencers sharing step-by-step guides, tips, and secrets to achieving that perfect 90s blowout, catering to various hair types and lengths.

Can the 90s style blowout be adapted for modern hair trends and styles?

Incorporating contemporary fashion elements into the classic style

The classic 90s blowout is incredibly versatile and can be adapted to complement modern hair trends.

The blowout can be transformed to fit the current fashion zeitgeist while maintaining its nostalgic charm by incorporating contemporary fashion elements like subtle waves, bangs, or beachy textures.

Customizing the blowout for different hair lengths and textures

One of the beauties of the classic style is its adaptability to various hair lengths and textures.

Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, straight or curly, the blowout can be tailored to enhance your natural hair texture while imparting volume, shine, and a sleek appearance.

The evolution of the blowout: From 90s signature look to today’s adaptations

The evolution of the blowout from its 90s origins to today’s adaptations showcases its timelessness and versatility.

The blowout is a signature look that resonates with nostalgic enthusiasts and modern trendsetters through slight modifications and the integration of new hairstyling techniques and products.

What to expect from a professional blowout at a salon or Drybar?

The Drybar experience: Signature blowouts customized for your hair type

Opting for a professional blowout at a salon or Drybar guarantees a personalized styling experience tailored to your hair type and style preferences.

Drybar, for instance, is renowned for its signature blowouts, offering a range of styles from sleek and smooth to voluminous and wavy, ensuring each client walks out with a perfectly styled and gorgeous blowout.

How to communicate your desired style and expectations to your stylist

Communication is key to achieving your desired blowout style at a salon.

Be clear and specific about your expectations, and don’t hesitate to bring photos for inspiration.

Discuss your hair’s natural texture, daily routine, and any concerns you might have to ensure the stylist can tailor the blowout to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Maintaining your salon-perfect blowout: Products and practices for lasting style

Maintaining your salon-perfect blowout requires the right products and practices.

Use dry shampoo to extend the life of your blowout, avoid moisture and humidity, and sleep on a silk pillowcase to prevent frizz.

Touch up your style with a round brush, blow dryer, or curling iron to keep your hair looking fresh and stylish between salon visits.


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