70s Curtain Bangs May Be Here To Stay

Apparently, hairdressers around the country still love curtain bangs for 2019. As they should! The sexy 70’s inspired fringe compliments all hair lengths.

Let’s face it; women are not ready to let go of their long hair right now.

Especially with all the fresh balayage and multi-highlighted techniques still going strong.

Not everyone can wear a traditional brow length bang. People with a short forehead should shy away from it.

But with a curtain fringe, the option is available due to the fringe being a bit longer.

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Long Curtain Bangs Works on All Hair Lengths

When we think of a fringe, we think of long hair typically because of how it works gracefully with the graduation around the face.

A beautiful long layered haircut with a bang is everything right now.

Bridget Bardot was the queen of bottle-blonde hair color & long curtain bangs always in her eyes. Old Hollywood meets rock n roll is a good description of her iconic look.

Fast forward to today, and you can scroll through Instagram and see celebrities rocking a new, more modern version of her hairstyle.

If your client is a little shy about losing length, suggest a long curtain fringe & some layers. Take the time to teach her the art or round brush blow drying to add volume. She will thank you later!

Get Shaggy With Your Curtain Bangs

For the more eccentric of clients looking to shake things up offering up a mid-length shag with a curtain, bang could be pretty epic. Try a shorter fringe or even a side-swept version. Adding interior texture either with a razor or a slicing method will give the hair natural movement. Finish the look with the natural hair texture or use an iron to flick the ends a bit. A loose movement will help create a more lived-in effect.

Short Hair With A Fringe 

If you have a client that is ready to move on from the fallback A-line they always go to maybe it is time to introduce layers with a curtain bang.

Try rounding the corner up to the front of the jawline and bring the bangs just below the eyebrows.

Round the interior with some choppy layers and deep slicing for movement.

The options are limitless, and it will depend on each guest in your chair.

A natural progression is what you are looking for to keep the client feeling fresh.

Final Thoughts On Curtain Bangs

So to revisit the initial question are curtain bangs here to stay for a bit? I think we should turn to the internet and look at some online trends & analytics (yes that’s nerd talk).
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Curtain Fringe Google search results
curtain bangs KWFinder
Curtain bangs Google search results
curtain bangs KWFinder 1 1
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As you will see, the steady rise in Google shows that people are searching for the trend of curtain fringe 3479 times a month. The keyword curtain bangs are searched 3186 times in a month. We live in a new world of internet trends, and with Facebook, Instagram, and the most popular of hair search engines Pinterest, the clients are letting us know what they like. As professional hairdressers, it’s our job to stay on the pulse of fashion and direct the client. Each salon visit let the consultation be thorough and always leave them with something for the next salon visit.

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