What Should We Expect From 2022 Hair Trends?

Here’s what we can expect from 2022 hair trends!

We’ll see lots of natural hair textures, including curly and wavy hair. Braids and ponytails will also be popular, as they’re easy to style and look great on all types of hair.

The kids today seem to be partial to animal names when it comes to naming their hairstyles, so expect something like the octopus haircuts.

No, but seriously with 2022 haircut trends think bold, rebellious with a natural texture form.

All about making a statement with little to no effort.


Octopus Haircut Trend

2022 hair trends

Are Curtain Bangs Still In Style 2022?

Yes, curtain bangs are still in style in 2022. This hair trend has been around for a while and shows no signs of slowing down.

It seems we haven’t seen enough of the shag haircut with curtain bangs. Although stylists are choosing to play with their client’s natural hair texture instead of a more defined blowout.

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2022 hair trends

2022 Long Hair Trends

Extremely Long Hair Shag

Good news for women who get anxiety when someone mentions cutting their hair.

This season hold on to your length while creating a movement to your hair.

Get the hair out of your face by opting in for fringe and choppy layers.

An extremely long hair shag can be a great look for anyone who wants to add a little bit of extra volume and length to their hair.

This style is perfect for anyone with thick, curly, or wavy hair, and it’s a great way to show off your natural texture.

Bi-Level Haircut For 2022

The bi-level haircut is a hair cut where the hair is cut at two different levels, creating a layered look. This type of haircut is often chosen by people with thick hair who want to add volume and layers to their style.

The bi-level haircut 2022 is a variation of the classic mullet haircut, which has been popular for many years.

The main difference between the two styles is that the classic bi-level haircut involves cutting the hair evenly at two different levels. In contrast, the bi-level haircut 2022 involves tapering or feathering the hair at both groups to transition between the two lengths gradually.

This gives a more modern, stylish transient look.

2022 hair trends
2022 hair trends

Short Hair Trends 2022

The Bixie Haircut ( Bob + Pixie)

Short hair has been slowly creeping back on the scene the last couple of years, and in 2022 we will see it escalate.

A spin-off of the french bob, the Bixie is a combination of a classic pixie and bob haircut.

At Hair Salon Pro, we love the combination of choppy layers with wispy bangs while leaving a bit more length around the sides and back of the head.

Are you looking to go for a shorter modern look this year? Ask your stylist about the Bixie haircut.

A Splendid Power Bob Haircut In 2022

What would any 2022 hairstyle trends be without a Bob haircut?

As the pandemic slows and women start to head back into the workforce, they need to look fresh and professional while still staying on the pulse of fashion.

The Power Bob is just that!

A classic box bob below the chin with or with a bang.

Ask your hairstylist if the Power Bob with a longer feathered fringe would suit your face shape this spring.



2022 hair trends
2022 hair trends

2022 Hair Color Trends Female

What Is The New Hair Color For 2022?

Okay, ladies, you knew it would eventually come back into trend and now it has!

Copper red is the new hair color choice for 2022.

Adding warmth back into the hair this season will surely make you stand out in the crowd.

 It has been a long time since women have embraced red tones and it is exciting times again.

Start by adding copper highlights with a natural base tone to create fluid dimention.

If your skin tone doesn’t support such bold colors try a buttery golden blonde.

It’s time to put the ash tones away for a bit and get ready for sunnier warmer colors.

Men’s Biggest Hair Trends 2022

The sporty rugged look is back for men’s hair in 2022. While most of us are headed back to work now, many have put off getting haircuts during the last year. Contractors and blue-collar boys have been holding down the economy and have had no time to waste. A popular men’s haircut surfacing is a round graduation with a layered crown. Add some hair product and head out to work or play. Sorry barbers the boys are rebelling and putting the clippers away for spring and summer.  
2022 hair trends

2022 Men’s Hair Trends

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Hair Color & Haircut Trends In 2022 FAQs

Is short or long hair in for 2022?

According to the experts, hair trends in 2022 will be all about embracing your natural texture. So whether you have short or long hair, you'll want to embrace your natural locks and style them in a way that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Is blonde hair out for 2022?

Yes, warm golden copper blondes are indeed in for 2022. This hair color is becoming more and more popular this year, and it is an excellent choice for anyone looking to update their look.

Is balayage out of style 2022?

No, balayage is still popular in 2022. It's a great way to add natural-looking highlights to your hair, and it's perfect for giving your hair a sun-kissed look.

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